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What is the importance of making vehicles look great? It is not only about making the car look appealing but connected to maintaining its value. We are trained on the proper detailing techniques to provide an outstanding service. Today, we are among some of the finest detailers in Beltsville, MD! We, at Game Changer Steam Detailing, offer an array of solutions, including washing and waxing.

We have already talked about our signature steam detailing, so here we will let you know more about our excellent wash & wax service. Applying a wax right after washing offers many benefits, ranging from giving the vehicle a showroom look to protecting its exterior from UV rays, corrosion, pollution, and more.

Our mobile auto detailing team offers you the opportunity to preserve your car’s value. Waxing plays a significant role in achieving that. The products we use provide a barrier between the paint and the outside world. Pollution from the roads, rainwater, and air comes in contact with your car, and you cannot avoid this. What you can do is apply wax after every detailing. When this is complete, the surface becomes water repellent, and splashes from puddles or rainwater will roll off, carrying dirt away with the water.

Preserving the car paint is one of the main benefits of wax. By applying wax, we create a durable shield against UV rays so the surfaces will not fade. It inevitably means your car will reach a better resale value down the road. The wax will create a shiny coat that will make your vehicle always look fresh and clean. Who does not want to drive a car that looks new?

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To benefit from getting your car washed and waxed together, contact our mobile auto detailing team in Beltsville, MD. Game Changer Steam Detailing‘s phone number is (240) 203-7598. We will be delighted to hear from you!

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